You Might Not Be Able to Visit But You Can Still Support

During these unprecedented times your support of local small businesses matters now more than ever. The Washington Business District Authority has partnered with downtown businesses to offer online gift certificate sales free of online processing or administrative fees. This means 100% of your purchase goes directly to help local businesses today.

Since you are purchasing a gift certificate directly to a business, and not through a downtown dollars program, the WBDA will directly transfer the full amount of your purchase to the local establishment upon purchase and not upon redemption. This helps your support impact businesses today versus programs that wait for redemption to disburse payments.

Frequently Asked Questions

I don't see a business I frequent listed. Why?

Gift certificates are available in a variety of denominations to participating businesses located within the 14 block Special Services District that the WBDA was established to support. Click here to see a map of the Special Services District.

How do I get my gift certificate?

Your gift certificate(s) will be available for download after your purchase is complete. 

How do I redeem my gift certificate?

Please print your gift certificate(s) and take it into the establishment that it is valid for. 

What if I don't use my entire balance in one visit?

If you do not use the entire amount of the gift certificate in one visit the business will write the remaining balance on to the certificate for tracking. This is why we ask you to print gift certificates when redeeming them.

Do gift certificates expire?

Yes, gift certificate values expire on December 31, 2020.

Can I give the gift certificate to someone else?

Yes, gift certificates are transferable, so they make great gifts! Please note that the link to download the gift certificate is only valid ONE TIME so please download the gift certificate and send it to the person.

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